Colorado Choice Distributors

Colorado Choice Distributors Review

Freezer in pickup meat sales. for 25 yrs have not had a problem with quality or condition of meats bought until this year. Person brought vacuum packed meat out of box, nice color and nice ratio of meat to fat. Says all natural, no artifical ingredients these are steaks and beef patties. Looked at them, nice but would not pay the price. He lowered it by half if I bought the whole box. Done. He opened other boxes and picked out secondary boxes to put in main box. paid for it, he left, and P proceeded to place secondary boxes in main freezer. | About 3 weeks later I got grill going and took burgers and a steak out to thaw. Burger boxes had less patties in it than the one I witnessed on truck. Also the box said it has bread crumbs, wheat flower, yeast, sugar, beef powder. Not to mention an unusual amount of blood vessels ground up in it. Cat liked it. Box with steak also,had ingredients in it as I would not have bought it. No meat, was all gristle. Other 4 boxes I have not touched less the 1 steak.

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