Confirmation Capital Management

Confirmation Capital Management Complaint

Confirmation Capital has to think about a better way of communication with their investors and investees. There’s no way to contact them. But I found something out before coming here and telling you that you should avoid them. As it’s said on Confirmation Capital Management is run by two people: Charley Hine (its founder) and Wayne Skeen (partner & portfolio manager). I was interested in the founder, so I googled him. And what do we see? This guy made several attempts to build his own business. I honestly didn’t go into details about it, but the businesses were different like music event listing & promotions site, debit cards for virtual and traditional currencies, he also worked for Not sure how successful all of this was, but looks like Charley was tossed around all the time. Speaking of Wayne Skeen (the second one), he’s not mentioned anywhere else. Well, it doesn’t really matter, because in my opinion you just have to stay away and look for much better companies to invest. Thanks for your attention

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