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CoreCommerce, LLC Review

I feel that CC is providing terrible customer service and CC’s Cistomer Receipt is not adequate or suitable. I have not been provided with a decent Customer Receipt and I have been told by CoreCommerce that I will have to pay more in order to receive one. A customer receipt should be provided for no extra charge since this is a key component that all ecommerce software programs are expected to provide. | The original Customer Receipt that CC provided looked terrible and was not usable. So I asked them to make several changes. They made all of the changes except for two. They refuse to remove the Vendor Name and IP Address from the Customer Receipt unless I pay an additional $50. | They are simply overcharging me since I am already paying a monthly fee to use their service and I paid their highest monthly rate for many months. I paid the higher rate that was supposed to just be for one month and it was supposed to take care of any setup issues. If anything, I have overpaid CoreCommerce. | I am simply asking for CoreCommerce to remove the Vendor Name and IP Address only from the Customer Receipt.

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