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I have worked for this company for about 3 weeks now. Anissa, who is the lady that called me to come in to fill out a application being that the company was so desperate for a independent contractor to work 5 nights 9pm-6am + weekend’s from 8am-4pm. Anissa falsified within herself and company’s dignity that you were going to make $400+ weekly income being that you were the only driver getting dispatches daily. In reality, you’re taking the runs and thinking everything is all bells/whistle’s you were going to make great money! Every Friday, “weekly pay” at 6:00am their company issue’s a com data card to receive deposits. My first check was **$7.79**.. Deductions of the companies fee’s I was left with nothing except having to owe them. Remember, I worked 5 night’s + weekend’s. Their weekly fee’s consists of 1) $5 datatrac app that are required for Android user’s with a quick look up, THE APP IS FREE 2) charges you for your own fuel EVERY PICKUP/DELIVERY 3) 2 different types of insurance’s -$50,000 liability coverage + accidental insurance $27.50 along with your own insurance, 4) 1 badge/1 vest $20 5) Supplies $5 (Manifest form’s to show proof of pick up/deliveries). Keep in mind, their fee’s are irregularly and only getting higher with the more you make they will take every penny they can get. Its to the point you will and are making less than minimum wage! I have not gotten a single penny to my name since I have been working for these crook’s!! They will lie to you constantly by telling you Courier will help build you a better check and the nerve to motivate you to keep working for them! Wear and tear on your vehicle plus your hardship and labor that you put in is worth nothing except putting money only for their company. YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY MONEY FROM COURIER EXPRESS! YOU WILL BE PAYING YOUR’S AND COURIER’S EXPENSES. KEEP RECORD OF YOUR DOCUMENTS AND FILE THEM FOR YOUR SAFETY. YOU WILL NEED IT!! THEY ALREADY HAVE A BAD REPUTATION THAT LYES WITHIN THEIR COMPANY. I’M HERE PLUS ALONG WITH REST OF OTHER COMPLAINTS AND REVIEWS TO CONFIRM AND ADDRESS IT! ANISSA, RAPHAEL, SUSAN, RANDY(CHARLOTTE), MIKE&LOUIS(ATLANTA DISPATCHERS) ARE ALL LIAR’S, WITH THE BLAMING GAME, POINTING FINGER’S AT ONE ANOTHER LIKE LITTLE KID’S!! & COURIER WONDERS WHY THE LAST FEW PEOPLE LEFT?!?

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