Crew Facilities

Crew Facilities Review

I did a lot of research on line before accepting a position for reservations which they do not allow to be virtual or work from home. It is required to work shifts in their Lakeway, TX main office. I belive people could work from hm when they 1st opened back in 2015-16. I have now been with the company for more than a year. Glad I did not base my decision on a former unhappy worker. The reason I second guessed the bad review is that no one would have an attorney reach out that fast so I decided to find out myself if this was even true. The only reason I did not rate this a full 5 stars is because I don’t get my schedule a month in advance. I am mainly on Monday to Friday, but it is never posted for certain until 2 weeks before. Other than that I am very satsfied with my job and the work atmosphere. The day goes by fast and I have learned allot.

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