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After completing a private trucking school i obtained my CDL . I went to a 4 day orientation, which they told me i was going to go with a lead driver for a 28 day training program, I was also prommised in writting a $100.00 signing bonus which i never recived. In orientation i was told that my lead driver would help me on my log books, pre-trip inspection, trip planning, fueling ect. As soon at my 4 day orientation ended they rushed me out the door and bused me out to portland OR. where a lead driver was waiting for me, i then found out later that the reason that they bused me up there is because his CO- driver quit. I was with this trainnier for 4 days and the trainnier refused to help me with any of the issues disscussed in my orientation and in fact he was very rude to me with the 4 days i was with him. I called his fleet manager because he drove off with me on the top bunk when i was sleeping which is against regulations and the lead driver got mad and threw my personal property around. I was told i was going to go back to cedar rapids IA. when i arrived they were no help to me and i then had to bus myself back to california at my own expense. when i got to california, CRST made me take another road test because the lead driver said that i almost hit a truck which was a LIE. I passed the second road test and was issused another lead driver, i was with this 2nd lead driver for about 10 days, and this guy had an attitude and always got in my face and hurrassed me. In seattle WA, i then called his fleet manager and told him about this situation, when i got back into the truck after i got off the phone with the fleet manager, The crazy lead driver told me to get on the top bunk, i refused to do so, and then he got off his seat and picked me up and shook me yelling at me and threatning me and hitting me in the face, so i had to jump out of the truck and called law enforcement, and the fleet manager had the nerve to ask me if I wanted another lead driver the police took me to a Motel, which CRST was supposed to pay for the motel room.CRST advance me some money on my comdata card which did not work until the next day.when I retuned to calif fontana CRST photocopied all my recipts and they said they would send them for reimbursement but the cedar rapids location never recived them. CRST did not reimburse me for nothing $75 taxie & $83 motel they did pay for my bus ticket. CRST never returned any of my calls.Is funny that both of the lead drivers said that I was way better then the last driver I had and the one that quit. Well look what happen to me Its like some kind of scam. STAY AWAY FROM CRST!!! [protected]

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