Cumberland Mining & Materials

Cumberland Mining & Materials Review

Their website may answer many questions except for one: if they are so successful, why are they can be reached via email only? There’s no address. Actually, this issue can be encountered among many cryptofunds. They hide their addresses and phone numbers, and if phone numbers are not always required (depend on how this firm is big), but not mentioning any address is suspicious. There’s nothing wrong if you visit their website and can’t see any details about people who are gonna take your money and where they work. Oh, by the way, Cumberland Mining forgot to introduce their team!! I consider it to be almost a crime. Of course, I’m not going to invest in them and will recommend you to do the same. They cannot be trusted until they show us people who work for them. I’m sorry. UPD. I found their address, it was hidden in privacy & policy, but it doesn’t count. It’s tricky. This kind of information should be open to anyone. Not everyone even reads conditions!

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