D.I.Y. Neurocare of America, LLC

D.I.Y. Neurocare of America, LLC Review

I attended a presentation at a local restaurant in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The presenter was a woman who claims was a clinical nurse.There also was a young man acting as the salesperson. The presentation was power point and many of the questions that was asked by the attendees were not properly answered. Lots of salesmanship. Since I have been suffering from neuropathy for an number of years without any relief, I have become vulnerable, and desperate looking for a cure, or at least remission. I met the next day with the salesman. He told a story how he was a former firefighter in Canada, and was seriously injured, and how Dr. DiDuro saved his life. He was convincing, but I believe he was lying, and was part of this scam. He also brought the apparatus with him as though he new I would buy. That should have been a yellow flag for me.So I bought it hoping it would help. It did nothing. I started getting calls from a Pat who was assigned as my "coach". She claims its works and she has the same condition that I have, and she uses it 4 hours per day. I mentioned that I believed it was a scam, and she disagreed with me. After a few weeks I tried to call her and I was unable to make contact with her. I received a letter sometime in December stating that the good Dr. DiDuro was "giving" back to his clients by offering a 50%discount for the balance due. I them claims it was a scam and why would he suddenly offer a generous discount when they had my credit card number and a signed contract.She replied that he wanted to do something for his clients. The only thing he did was take the money and run. Shortly thereafter the business was closed. Shame on me for falling for this scam. I ask anyone is there any recourse? Arizona Attotney General’s office? BBB? Class action? Like many others, I am on a fixed income and surely cannot afford to become a victim. Please help!!! I’m mad as there were many flags that should have raised enough doubt that I would be & 036;4,000 richer.

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