David S. Frey DDS

David S. Frey DDS Review

I had extensive work done w Dr Frey. He made all sorts of promises from dental insurance will cover the work to it will stop my headaches, TMJ and even improve my balance; none of which proved to be true. But WORSE, i ended up with horrific consequences as a result of the work he performed. I went to see two highly respected Beverly Hills specialists BOTH of which said they had cleaned up Dr Frey’s messes in the past. They both suggested i report him to the American Dental Association so other’s don’t suffer at his hands, but the time period to do so had elapsed. | Even a hygienist at one of these specialists said she previously worked for a dentist that had dealt with issues caused by Frey’s work. One time, when I was his patient I heard him screaming at a woman who was having issues with her work. Already having had a taste of his poor bedside manner, once he has your money, I asked his dental assistant if dissatisfied patients were a common occurrence and she rolled her eyes and shook her head yes (but in all honesty this could have been because she was planning to move on so she may have just been dissatisfied). | I ended up with $80,000 of work which needed to be done by these specialists over the course of almost two years to correct the damage he caused to my teeth and gums. When i approached him with the reports from the specialists he said I was “a crazy person” and refused to do a thing or to even apologize and asked me to leave immediately. The statue of limitations from the time I found out about the shoddy work he perfomred on me, will elapse this year, so I need to decide if I pursue a law suit against this angry, vile man. My hesitation has been I dread facing him again. | Dr. Frey will likely respond to this review by calling me crazy to discredit this review as this seems to be his M.O. when confronted. I am happy to provide the reports from these specialists if you respond. And provide you with an unkind text Frey sent me (as well as had his lawyer leave me a message) in what felt like an attempt to intimidate me to back down. | With all the dentists in town please RUN DON’T WALK from this horrible man.

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