I had so many bad experiences that already have been reported by everyone here. The first bad experience was with a PC Shield download just over a year ago. It took 3 techs and 6 hours; they never completely fixed it; they accidentally deleted my OS program and then replaced it with a lesser OS version and didn’t install the firewall leaving my computer unprotected. I called PC Shield the next day and got them to fix it. The second bad experience with (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) was with an Avast download on a brand new computer about 2 months old with Windows 7 Pro. An assessment was done of my system and they said they found 3 OS files that were corrupt. They offered to fix the problems if I purchased their $139 annual maintenance and support program. I declined the offer; I already had another service. After the support call ended I discovered that my IE browser kept freezing up to the point it was pretty much unusable. I had to switch to Chrome and Firefox in order to work. I had my current service provider fix the problem (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) caused…

Do I think (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) is a scam. Yep. BUYER BEWARE. What is really disturbing here is that it appears the scam is supported by the software/technology companies that use (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) as a customer/tech support vendor – they are in lockstep… So who do we turn to – at least in the U.S. – for investigation and recourse? Is it the FTC?

What I think is really interesting is that I’ve purchased and downloaded anti-virus and security software in the past and never had a need to get any help. It didn’t matter which security software I purchased – Norton, MacAfee, whatever, they always downloaded without problem. The last two purchases from two different software companies needed download assistance and, coincidentally, both companies used (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) as their tech support fulfillment company. My first purchase of PC Shield downloaded seamlessly, no customer service help needed. The subscription renewal purchase from PC Shield a couple of years later needed download assistance from tech support now (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) instead of their own support staff.

If (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) continues down this same path, they are opening the door for a smarter competitor to capitalize on this weakness. I hope it happens fast. There’s nothing like good solid competition to change the playing field. Right now they seem to have the market cornered for technical support for software companies and other types of businesses. In the meantime, all we can do, as dissatisfied consumers, is spread the word about (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) in complaint boards, online product/software reviews – everywhere we can find to tell the story.

But (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) is not the only offender here. What about the companies that use (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) and turn a blind eye to all the customer complaints?

I believe the (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) problem will continue as long as it is enabled by Software companies globally who are using (a.k.a Arthur Dellea) for their low-priced customer service fulfillment solution. The Software companies (and other companies that use (a.k.a Arthur Dellea)) are reducing operating costs by reducing employees and related compensation and other loading factors which results in higher profits which in turn makes their stock (for publicly listed companies) more attractive to investors. In my opinion, it all comes down to complicity and greed.

If the software manufacturers do not provide a happy experience for their customers, their customers will and should, take their business elsewhere – which is what happened in this instance.
Personally, I would be happy to pay a little more for a quality product made by a credible company that stands behind their products and provides first class customer service.
. I demand Refund of $300 USD. Stay away

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