Since I can”t afford dental insurance I looked for a savings/discount plan, that”s how I got, I decided to look for dentists that accept this plan, i found a dentist through THEIR WEBSITE near my home, I called and they had no idea what i was talking about, that was a sign . So I called to tell them that the information listed on their website was incorrect . The agent I talked to told me that probably that particular dentist recently had canceled their agreement, and that the info in their website is updated once a month . She sounded convincing, and offered me help to find the right plan for me, so I accepted and got a plan called “Solstice Plus Plan One” for $134.95, she said that this plan was the best because the fees were “set” with dentist and would never change, also that the office visits were free as well as the X-ray, I actually have the list with all fees for different services . I made an appointment for this morning, I had to get Xrays and a tooth extracted, when I was done I had to pay $240, 20 for the office visit ( that was suppose to be free ), and $220 for the tooth extraction ( according to their list $125). I had no option but to pay $240 since I was in pain . when I got home I called and explained the situation, the agent told me that the dentist i went to wasn”t affiliated with them, unbelievable, I got it through their website even when i was talking to agent i could see the dentist name on my screen, not only that, i called the dentist office and they even said that they accepted the dental plan BUT that the fees I was provided with were not accurate. End of the history, I just canceled my membership with I now need to get refund for $134.95. What a waste of time, this type of companies shouldn”t be out there giving incorrect information.

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  1. Leland Stiely
    June 16, 2020
  2. Renetta Swantko
    June 16, 2020

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