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I hired this company called Denver General Contractor phone number 720-668-3603 to come on Sunday June 25th and install a washer and dryer. The guy that came, his name was Julio and he did not speak a word of english, only spanish. | He did not have any tools for the job and it took him 2 hours for the job, the owner of the company came at the place to ask for money, that I paid $105 in cash. Julio did not know how to do the job, after he left, I run the washer and did not have any water coming into the washer and the vent was not even hook up to the dryer, because Julio did not have clamps so as soon as he left I realized that the vent was just pushed against the dryer but not secured with a clamp so it fell right away. | After calling and texting to complain, the owner of the company, Thomas Anthony Roca insulted me, calling me names and threaten to call police or sue me. He even said the Julio did not install the washer, only the dryer. | Who would believe that would take someoine 2 hours to hookup a dryer to the vent? Never mind that I have the pictures to prove that the dryer was not even hook up to the dryer… | I want to let other know this guy is a fraud and do not hire him.

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