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I gave them my credit card for the shipping of the trial sizes. They used my credit card to bill me for the both items that I didn’t let them do. They just went ahead and billed me. Never gave the return time or talk about the billoing until I saw my credit card bill. | I ordered my derma/devine skin cream and eye serum on Yahoo news showing the results of Meghen Kelly’s anti wrinkle cream. I paid by credit card for the shipping of these two items. I tried them out and the cream burned my skin with their advice of using it twice a day after 14 days. One of the derma/devine site said that you probably won’t see results until 4 months. | My credit card statement came in and Iwas billed for the 2 items that I thought were trial itmes. but they were the original sizes. I never agreed to pay for them and when I called up to return them, Kate 24 from Florida told me that I only had 2 more days left to return them and they would not get them on time. After squawking for a period of time , she agreed to give me 50% off and cancel my account. I was afraid that I would not be able to get any other results so I agreed. I am not a stressful person but the thought of being scammed like this and also duped has been on my mind all this time. I read the scam reports and someone scared them by saying that they would get the attorney general and the business bureau after them and they agreed to give one person 75% back and the otherperson got 100%. Everone on the scam report had the same complaint.

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