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Report Filed: ,J&J Electronics Deceived by – false advertisment New York ,they Said, Internet!!

I purchased a camcorder online for $219. They sent me two confirmations. Then they send me an email that this product was out of stock and they will cancel order and contact me in 6-8 weeks when available. I thought something was weird so I looked on their website and the price went up to $289 and it said it was AVAILABLE. I called them and asked them if they would honor my price and they said no. What kind of business ethics is this? And then when I called them to get their address they wouldn’t give it to me they said they were out of New York. I saw them advertised on I think the company should sell me the product as they said they would honoring the price they advertised it as, it was literally showing on the website at $219 and my sales slip indicates that. To date, no money has been taken out of my account yet. I know others have been affected by this company if you just search them and check out the CNET forums. How can this continue to happen to so many other people without something being done? Mzburf Flagstaff, ArizonaU.S.A.

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