I have been a Georgia resident since 1985 and have never had a problem with renewing my drivers license. Prior to moving to GA, I had been issued a Florida and NJ license with no problems. That all changed in 2016 when the nightmare began. Upon renewal of my GA license, I was informed that North Carolina had suspended my driving privileges in that state, and I was therefore unable to renew my GA liense. This was perplexing since I never lived in NC. Upon calling the NC DMV I was told that I applied for and was issued a NC drivers license on 12/22/1981 and that I was living at a Charlotte address at the time. As a result, the Georgia DMV cancelled my GA license even before its natural expiration date. | Since mindless robot computers and mindless computer programers appear to have taken over the world it seems that logic and proof have become secondary to this new world. I assured the robots at the NC DMV that they had to be mistaken since I was in Aviation Officers Candidate School in Pensacola Florida at the time they claim I was living in Charlotte. It gets even better. I sent them my orders to report to NAS Pensacola on 11/3/1981, travel vouchers from my home address in NJ to NAS Pensacola, commisioning paperwork proving that I completed AOCS and became an officer on 3/5/1982, TAD travel orders to NAS Mirimar on 3/15/1982, and even a “State of Legal Residence Certificate” verifying my legal residence in NJ upon my original active duty orders. All told, I sent them copies of Navy documents DD2058, DD1351-2, DD214,TAD Travel order, Application for Armed Forces ID card, and Active Duty Orders — all proving that I was holed up in a barracks on NAS Pensacola on 12/22/1981. | Their reply letter quotes: “The Division has thoroughly reviewed the documentation you recently provided concerning a possible match for you in our driver history files. However, the Division is unable to determine with any certainty that you are not one and the same as the customer listed above. Since there is no previous history of a North Carolina dirver’s license or identification card being issued, no image has been captured and the record does not reflet a Social Security number, the Division is unable to make further comparisions.” | So in other words, the “Division” can’t even show evidence of any history that I had a NC drivers license nor can they show my image or any documentation of my SS number. I assume by “image” they mean photo ID. | They further state that “If you were not the person charged with the violation(s) on this record it will be necessary that you contact the court(s) and request that documentation to this effect be forwarded to the Division.” It gets even better — the “Division” doesn’t even identify the “violation” in the letter and they can’t even tell me what the “violation” was — all commited on a NC drivers license that I was never issued. | Time to get the Attorney Gaeneral of the State of Georgia involved. The “Division” needs to be exposed for what it is – a legalized shake-down scam. It seems that I am not the only one.

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  1. Tish Merkle
    June 17, 2020

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