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Report Filed: Dogg Digital Audio Parking Lot Speaker Ripoff!!

While exiting a deli in Rockville, MD, I was approached by two young 20’s guys in a white mid-sized van. They were very friendly and had a story about how they were on a delivery and had an extra set of speakers that they were trying to get rid of. They said they work far away, so they did not have time to take them home or they would take them themselves. If they returned to work, their boss would take them for himself. The guys did not act like criminals or sleezy, just like some young kids trying to take advantage of an opportunity. They took a speaker out of the box and it appeared to be of very high quality, had a fancy brochure, very professional packaging, and a quick answer to every question. So, when I got back to work, I looked them up to see what people had to say about the very expensive premium speakers and was the only hit I got. I haven’t tried the speakers yet, but from what I’ve read, I’m sure they are complete garbage and it is all a big scam. They will probably target young professionals like myself and have a pretty good sales pitch. But as soon as you hand them money, you’ll know you just made a big mistake. It just doesn’t make sense, but they were ready with answers for everything. This apparently has happened all over the country, so don’t let it happen to you!

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