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Dogwood Trails Kennel Review

Hello, I bought a Brussels Griffon puppy last December2015-January2016 from a breeder Gary and Debbie Kuster Dogwood farms in Missouri .She came with ear mites and I Text the breeder Debbie from the doctors office so she could know for her other dogs. She said “I knew you were a nutcase,send her back” . I had a one sided conversation with her before I bought my Brussels Griffon. She talked the whole time about how good her veterinarian was. I ask one question and that was, can I see the father. She made up an excuse that she was so busy she had no time. I still don’t have info on him or the mother. Gary was holding up the mother in her living room leading me to believe this was the family dog not a Breeding Farm. At a few months old she developed a severe an crooked underbit. It is hard for her to chew. I emailed her and she said you are causing trouble and she said” I have an attorney in your county and he is my brother and we laughed about your problems…. It sounded made up and all I ask for was information. I have email proof, Now my puppy is 1 year old and has pain when sitting up and down and she could hardly do it. I took her to the vet,they took xrays and said she had no cups to hold the bone in the hips and also the knees and her bones are rubbing and will cause secondary arthritis Ebony, as she listed her on Next Day Pets, Dogwood Farms 10506 Dogwood Rd Mountain Grove MO 65711. I was told she would be 7lbs, she is 15. Her tail was cut into a stub! I emailed Debbie once again letting her know how much pain my puppy has and that an operation will be up to 6,000 dollars . I said I would really like more info on the parents and can she help financially. She ignored my email. On her website she has some reviews in her favor because you can take bad ones out since she has her own site. Her site says these are the true reviews. Hmmm obviously trouble before! She has a guarantee that covers and benefits her. She will not honor this as she calls me names and will not email me. To me, it seems very strange behavior and far from a responsible Breeder. She sells many puppies and such breeders should not be allowed! It is fine to breed healthy dogs to keep the breed going but she seemed clueless . My puppy has lots of genetic defects according to the veterinarian and surgeon. They said either have the operation or put her down. Please do research and you will find other bad reviews. Worst experience and unprofessional people! I have X-rays and emails . Proof of all I said! Sent from my iPad

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