Dr. Green

Dr. Green Complaint

A representative from this company called last fall and insisted on allowing them to do a trial application of lawn fertilizer/weed control etc. for no charge and no obligation. If I was happy with that they would give me a special promo price on a fertilizer, feed and seed, package for the 2013 year that would start in late spring. I was very reluctant to try this but they insisted there was no obligation and no charge, they wanted into the Edmonton market and backed it with a guarantee. I agreed to the trial app. They sent an email advising they would be by in the next couple of days (mid Oct). The weather was not favourable and I never saw anyone come by to apply the application. That was enough for me, I knew I would not sign up with them in the spring. To my surprise, I started receiving bills and harassing phone calls for money for the spring application that I never signed up for, nor ever saw any indication that any product had been applied to my lawn. I had several landscapers coming by over the spring/summer for quotes and the weeds and grass to this day, are horrendous! I have spoken to customer service several times and explained the situation. Each time, they promise to look after it, only to get more notices and phone calls for payment!! They are now threatening to send a collection agency after me. What a slimy company and what a scam!! Whatever you do, do not even agree to the trial application. This company and their ethics are a joke!! There must be serious money and profit to be had in lawn fertilizing/weed control. I have heard of other companies pulling similar antics.

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