Dr Steve Ratty Optometrist

Dr Steve Ratty Optometrist Review

I am literally livid with the complete ignorance and lack of ability from local bussiness DR RATTY 2222 E STREET. i was just dismissed from Sandra at local westchester office only after being placed on hold by Crystal. I strongly recommend NO ONE GO THERE. I went yesterday for eye exam and to order my contact lenses and have (“You need to provide us with your spheres.) | Ive since been given the runaround as well as extremely impolite and inappropriate (Hello? That’s why I was there and what I paid for!) I was outright called a “liar” for not providing THEM my earlier scripts. I have worn contacts for more than forty years and have been seen by many optometrists. MD RATT’YS office quite politey took my copay and did not provide me with results of my exam so that I can obtain lenses. | I’m not one to go off about anything, willy-nilly, however this has me reeling. You took my money and more importantly my time and delivered nothing. staff including MD Ratty’s asociate have ZERO business working with the public. a*sholes

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