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Honorable Judge Gene E.K. Pratter an Office of the Court you need too, separate the Facts from the Fancy James A. Byrne U.S. Courthouse 601 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 “Township Manager John McMenamin said Wednesday, a day after Lower Southampton supervisors fired Hoopes. “Nobody knew anything was going on.” | You said were clear about the violation of the14th Amendment to the Constitution of Feasterville Residence, by Bullies, Crook, and Liars to my understanding on NOVEMBER 8, 2016. Now, are you going to stop helping them? District Judge John I. Waltman, deputy constable Bernard T. Rafferty, and public safety director Robert P. Hoopes, Mike Meister of County Builders, Carol Drioil ex zoning, John McMenamin, Eastburn & Gray, Doylestown, PA, Michael T. Pidgeon Esq Michael E Peters Esq. Michael J. Savona Esq. John A. Vanluvanee Esq. and other Township Officials. | All named in the taking of private property for public use without notification. They all knew what was going on to say otherwise makes them Liars in my opinion. Please contact for updates: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Bucks County District Attorney, Matthew D. Weintraub, District Attorney Appeals Officer Karen A. Diaz District Attorney’s Office 100 North Main Street Doylestown, PA 18190. Ongoing investigation as of late 2018?

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