EasyKits Review

I had received an email stating that a single mom made money from home and it would cost $4.97 to get started- there was nothing stating that they would charge the credit card another fee of $77.00. So when I got the email stating that everything went through and that I could log into my account and get started right away I thought okay, so when I tried to get into the website to get started I couldn’t get in- it came up that my account information was not valid, so I tried the customer service link and that didn’t even help at all, so I then proceeded to call the customer service number 1-888-885-5264 and the person I talked to told me that the person who is in charge of the website would not allow the full refund of the total amount of $81.97. She did say that I would get a refund of $38.50 which is about 50% of or half of the money back on my credit card. When i told her I wanted the full refund back she then told me that she was only allowed to give back half of the amount and that she could only do that and the only way I would get a refund is if I agreed to getting half of the money back instead of the full amount. So I agreed because I wanted something back from this scam but, I told the woman that I was going to report it to the Better Business Bureau and turn them in for being a scam. She was apologetic but, still was not able to return the full amount to me. She told me it would take 7 to 10 business days before the amount would be back onto the credit card.

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