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EMC Financial has been calling me for a period of time asking me if my company could use some extra capitol. On Friday September 22nd I spoke with an individual that named himself Matthew M he sent an email to me, the guy was very animated to make sure I put Matthew McKinney in the subject line of the email when I sent in the documents. We spoke on the phone and he Matthew requested 12 months and an application for funding. Which I submitted to him via email and he told me he would call on Monday September 25th in the morning. The call never came so I decided to call his direct line number provided in his email. The number was disconnected on Monday September 25th. So I looked up their company information online and got the phone number and called the office. A person by the name answered the phone in a unprofessional manner and answered “who is this?” I was set back by the answering of the phone and asked who this is and he said his name is David. At first he acted as though he did not have my documents I submitted and then within 30 seconds he suddenly claimed he had my file and told me he would call back in 1 1/2 hours the call never came in. I told David if I did not hear anything from their office by the afternoon that I am sorry but will secure funding elsewhere. | My concerns are: | 1. the unprofessional conduct of the employees at EMC financial | 2. That they have bank account information that they may use fraudulently | 3. requesting documents to be sent by email which is very unsecure | 4. There claim on their website of being in business for ten years but yet they got licensed in 2015 with the state of California (so possibly conducting business without a permit) | 5. There is no information when googled about their parent company Direct Business Financing, INC | I feel bad for having to write this report and hope they respond. Financial documents to me and I am sure to many business owners in todays world are concerned withal the fraudulent activity happening in the world. I feel preyed upon as a small business owner in California and wonder if they are a predatory lender and if they are associated with EMC mortgage of Texas who has many complaints on line regarding their business conduct. | On google EMC claims the following: EMC Financial | emcfinancial.com | Fast business credit: simple process, quick approvals. We offer competitive rates to save you money, and help your business grow. Fully licensed.

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