Empire Parking Services [EPS]

Empire Parking Services [EPS] Review

these guys are crooks, pure and simple!! we parked at lenox one evening and saw no visible signs regarding any parking restrictions. having eaten dinner we returned to our car with a boot on it, and within seconds, a shady looking guy came out of the shadows in a truck offering to take the boot off if i paid $50. i asked for an explanation, and he pointed to a sign, well out of sight from where i parked my car, that said that these spots were for patrons of one part of the mall, but not the other (the one part did not have available parking, however!!). i had no choice but to pay the $50 if i was going to have my car back – pure extortion. i called Empire parking the next day and several days thereafter but they would not return my calls or address my complaint. if you are a vendor who hired this company, i recommend that all those reading these posts boycott your business and any affiliated businesses – you are encouraging unethical business practices, and deserve to be punished.

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  1. Leida Allateef
    June 16, 2020

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