Erondia Carlisle

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Erondia was in date site call mingle posting for serious relationship on act like she doesnt have no money needed gift card to sell and bank account to deposit fake checks to screw the banks outer money she stole my idenity making unautherzise account print my name on back of each check. | i notice late when the letter show up saying i posted checks and accounts we closed when try reach her she deined all making excuses that was her lawyer and uncle fault she rich just needed a man to support her at least spend $500 i lost $150 on gifts card fell for scammer was to late to catch her coz no address in state she reside. | she keeps posting diffeent names on mingle site now she know make all like joke saying f*ck all poor people thats why she screw all men coz her plastic barbie looks every men wants i want to find way to get this girl arrested isnt right we suffer for people hacks and scammer deserve jail time no excuses ..

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