Evans Equipment, Inc.

Evans Equipment, Inc. Review

Evans Equipment makes SWIFT look Efficient. Matter of fact I believe they’ve partnered with SWIFT . I’ve had 2 company driver positions and 3 as Owner Operator including my time at Evans. They Epect Drivers to run 2 Log Books and I believe DOT caught them and they were changing to Electronic Logs. They had a Fuel Saving plan and let Company Drivers and O/O run out of fuel by denying fuel advances. Then the Drivers had to pay to get fuel delivered roadside. | Evans is the absolute bottom of the Barrel for any driver, company or O/O. Then I talked to Attorneys to get my late delivery docked pay back and they said it’d be impossible because I couldn’t show Qualcomm messages showing that the load was late “BEFORE” I was assigned to it. | When I complained to their Recruiter “Oscar Meyer” YES, that’s really the Weiners name, he accused me of being a typical Lazy Driver and expecting the Company to take the blame. I don’t mind putting his name out if it saves another hard working driver from being screwed. | I’ve got references and will fight him in Court. I think he even threatened me once about it, but you’ll notice I don’t care… Bottom Line, Don’t drive for Evans out of Butler, Ind. or Pa. Same company.

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