Everest National Insurance Company

Everest National Insurance Company Review

Everest national insurance company ripped me off.Do not get this car Insurance they dont care about anyone but them selves they have these convent third party claims adjusters that are only there to screw u and run the clock out so you cant take legal action.If you have a claim with these criminals get a lawyer rite away dont talk to these scam artist your only hope is to sue them.There are hundreds of cases filed against this company For racketeering not paying out claims for profits and bonuses to there crooked claims adjusters.These people have your life in there hands after an accident your whole world will fall apart and these people will not give one s**t about u and your family thet are cold and calculated criminals that should be in jail.They are in business to steal your money and when you have an accident and your completely at there mercy they give u nothing they dont answer your calls they have you spending money geting things noterized and make you jump threw hoops to just ignore your calls meanwhile i lost my job and my home because of this company and they laughed at me thinking i couldnt do anything because they broke me down.But they are wrong this insurance company is evil and im going to make sure i see my day in court and im going to warn every possible way people not to get involved with this company always reasearch before you give any of these insurance companies your hard earned money.

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