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Report Filed: Fed Loan Servicing MyFedLoan.org Said they were going to do away with my student loan because I am disabled. Harrisburg Pennsylvania!!

I am disabled. I recieved an E-mail that these people would relieve me of my student loan. I called and they said they would take care of everything. Then they had me pay $150.00 three months in a row and 49.50 6 months in a row. My son agreed to loan this to me to pay to get this loan off my back. Then I find out that they will be charging me 49.50 a month for 300 months. I asked several times if the loan would be taken care of at the end of six months. They kept assuring me it would. Then another person call me and tells me I will be paying for three hundred months and the loan will not be dismissed by the government. I am so upset and my son is upset with me. I owe him all this money and have no way to pay it back. And I still have the student loan. Which is another story I don’t even owe and they have a class action law suit going against the closed down school where I went. Please help me get my sons money back. I am disables because of ms and a stroke and my mental capasity has been severely taken advantage of.

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