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Report Filed: Fedders Corporation Fedders does not honor their warrantys! Liberty Corner New Jersey!!

We purchased a Fedders room air conditioner from Menard’s in June of 2006. After six weeks of use it stopped cooling. Menard’s said it was considered a *seasonal item* but that it was under warranty and we would have to contact Fedders. We did so and were told where to take it for repair. We were told by the repair shop that it the problem was corrected and we could pick it up. We did that. We brought it home and it worked for exactly eight minutes before stopping again. We took it back to repair shop for further help. After two more parts were installed per direction by Fedders, it still did not work. After over twenty phone calls insisting that they honor their warranty, Fedders said that they would replace it. (We even have proof of this through saved voice mails from Fedders themselves). Then they started to stall, not returning our calls for days on end. FINALLY they agreed to replace it (two months later) when Fedders filed a Chapter 11. Now we cannot get anyone to talk to us. When we call, even though we are speaking to a person, all we can get is response *Due to the recent restructing of Fedders per Chapter 11 we will no longer be responsible for claims prior to the filing*. Can they really do this? The repair shop still has our unrepairable air conditioner and we are left with nothing but frustration. We do not have the money to purchase a new one and feel cheated and betrayed. Joanne Alsip, IllinoisU.S.A.

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