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What do you think: is it ok if a website of a company that deals with finance and crypto is created and powered by WordPress? I know a lot of websites use this service and their templates, but not sure that financial companies have to do the same. Why? Because it’s inappropriate, it’s not about reliability. Look, all more or less credible companies hire specialists to create their own special design, they spend extra money on this because this is serious. Of course, not all of them can be trusted, but the better and the more expensive the design is, the better their reputation is. Fengshui Capital has a big portfolio, but I don’t like this fact that they used WordPress. I am sorry, this is ridiculous. By using it you kind of say: hey, we wanted to save some money, we are not that serious So, if you encounter something like this in the financial sector there can be just one advice: be careful and pay attention to details.

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