Fidelity Warranty AND Ford Automotive Services

Fidelity Warranty AND Ford Automotive Services Review

Report Filed: FORD Team Up For BAD Customer Service! Fidelity Extended Warranty. BULL is Job One.!!

I bought a used 1997 Ford Expedition from Budget Used Car Sales in Sea-Tac, Washington in 2000. At that time, I also purchased a DELUXE EXTENDED WARRANTY through FIDELITY WARRANTY for an additional $1,500. A year and a half later, the AIR COMPRESSOR went out. I figured that an auto part such as this would be covered by Ford, since the vehicle was still relatively new – but Ford claimed the AIR COMPRESSOR wasn’t covered. So, I persued the EXTENDED WARRANTY I purchased with Fidelity. I spoke with someone by the name of ‘Joe’ who rather arrogantly told me that my DELUXE warranty was component-specific, and that this component wasn’t covered. So, I paid $700 and took my Ford home. A week later, the gear shift cable broke…(on a 1997 Ford Expedition!!) and guess what? That component isn’t covered by my EXTENDED DELUXE WARRANTY, which I purchased for a mere $1,500! I tried to work through Budget Used Car Sales and though everyone I spoke with agreed that the AIR COMPRESSOR should be covered by the deluxe extended warranty, no one was able to convince FIDELITY WARRANTY to honor their commitment. I cancelled my worthless warranty. Buyers, BEWARE!!! FORD doesn’t stand behind their product, and whatever you do, NEVER BUY A WARRANTY FROM FIDELITY WARRANTY!! Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Fidelity Warranty

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