Financial Education Services

Financial Education Services Review

I have been scam by a company Financial Education Services AKA Gray’s Safe & Secure Insurance Chad J Gray. He promise to give you money if you recruit people into the company. Get 6 to 8 people get 6 figure salary. He claim an investor was placing the money in a money market account that increase our income. The conference calls had over a. He thousand people on the line waiting for their return of investment. He even came to the state I live in and did a meeting to confirm they were legit. People took picture of them and with them. I join in September of 2016. The money he took was over $700,000 to $800,000 maybe more. that amount I’m aware of. There were policemen and other people with degrees that got scammed. BE Aware of this company. Chad is a bad person he cons you out of money then already had a gofundme page ready in set for him to get paid.

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