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I have plenty to report. I have attached images of proof as to the lack of validity of these guys. Or I think its one guy working out of his home or garage. | When you google Financial Offense LLC “Reviews” a company comes up called Business Ratings LLC giving them an AAA rating all the while the BBB gives them a B-. Upon a little digging into the company, we discovered the comapny giving them the AAA rating is the same address (Which is a mailbox shipping address) Same owner and same scam set up | This Dave Toledo (which is a fake name and against the law to use) calls and threatens you have commited conspiracy and fraud on every case. Lets face it, debts happen, people fall down, ACCUSATIONS of FRAUD are wrong and illegal. | Anyway, these guys are a joke and had to create their own “Ratings Company” to have any credibility. ALl of their domains are private registrations and if you go to”> which is the California Government site for corporations, they have no record. But upon digging you will see Finanacial Ratings (Which is the same as Financial Offense LLC) is there and owned by a MORGAN SPECTOR, who I thonk is the infamous Dave Toledo on the phone. | They talk a big game, accuse of fraud and many other accusations when they are indeed the “Kettle Calling The Pot Black” | They have no validaty and are yet fraudsters themselves that will not be in business in a year | Be Careful and beware. I have attached screen shots as to my research

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