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I had been registered with Broker Price opinion for years and received a call asking me to do a BPO. Like an idiot, I accepted work from First Valuation. (new name). later when I checked them out on the interenet, I had a conversation with the rep who told me since the class action lawsuit was filed, they indeed paid – but it was 90 days out! No other company pays that far out. I was not getting many orders from my other vendors, so I took a chance. What a mistake! I was paid for my first 2 months, but not without some prodding. I actually traveled the miles to their ofice to pick up my first check. Fast forward – They are now 23 days beyond their promise date of 90 days and in total I am owed for another 4 months beyond that. | Here’s the skinny. I plan to contact the Colorado Attorney general as I feel it is fraud, plain and simple. I do not know where it will go. | There was a class action lawsuit filed in 2014. There was an agreement (I don’t think a court order ensued) to put money in escrow to pay and to pay all agents within 90 days. There is a hearing in Denver Federal court on May 18, 2018 at 2:30 PM. Unfortunately, it is too late to file a claim as that deadline passed before I started working (volunteering) for them. I plan to go, but know it wil be a waste of time. The lawsuit stated that Walter Coats, et al. was “unjustly endriched” by not paying agents. WELL, now with the court date looming Mr. Coats has his private home on the market. Here is interesting information. He is a licensed broker and his company is CARTEL real estate. That is the one giggle in this whole mess. I am guessing he is liquidating his assets and is selling the house to avoid liens. Is bankruptcy far behind – I think not. | Shame on me for being so dumb. Shame on them for being such crooks. Too bad we can’t organize a “march on First Valuation”!! | I encourage anyone who has been shafted by them to file wih the Colorado AG. It won’t get you any money, but it might end up getting the jerk jailed for fraud!

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  1. Piper Berky
    June 16, 2020
  2. Rickey Lennis
    June 16, 2020
  3. Willetta Degman
    June 16, 2020

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