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I cancelled my Gym membership and was hit with the followings | -Initially was charged 35 membership fee first month after sign up | -Following Month charged another 35 annual fee along with another 19 monthly fee then finally another 35 cancellation fee all within 2 month? | I have been charged more than $100 (128.00) dollars for being member of this establishment Fitness Connection Imperial Sharaton Hotel associated work-out club | The reason I cancelled my membership was due to poor cleaning and sanatizing of the facility by the staff, broken equipment, unfriendly staff, noisey facility, poor coutesy of guest. | Folks using lounge area with leather chairs passing germs no sanatizing between session by staff, no proof of staff cleaning the facility while guest are using the facility. | No proof equipment is being cleaned sanatized by the staff between sessions.

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  1. Augustus Deckelman
    June 16, 2020

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