Fly Babies 123

Fly Babies 123 Review

False advertising -as they state Red Bronze Canaries-Buy 2 get 1 Free. Free Shipping they say.To your door and they will call before delivery. | Problem with this are as follows! Buy 2 red bronze canaries get one free-they dont tell you until after you have paid in a long legthy email that the free canary is one of their choice. Of course I recieved a common yellow canary!! | Free shipping also a lie. Pay attention to your paypal bill. says 139.00 shipping then it subtracts it but yet you actually pay it in price. | Shipping not to your door and they do not call you. it is actually usps which cost about 40.00 to ship three canaries!! | In reading fine print you’ll also see where the pictures they use are NOT their birds as they are far too busy to take pics of their own birds!! | Alan will return all your emails until you actually pay for your birds then your lucky if you get a response. He does not answer questions on birds either. | My 2 red bronze are not real impressive. One is plucked all in the head and neck. they look old but I cant read the bands because the “Friendly hand reared finches” dont like to be handled. | His response was “Sorry your dissapointed”

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