Review As far as I am concerned this place is a false company which must be collecting important private information about people and this company needs to come under investigation by the police. I believe they are highly suspect as a criminal organisation posing as a real company. In good faith I tried to purchase a part from this company. Trusting the process I gave them the information required to make a credit card purchase, and it failed, I tried to make a PayPal purchase with a PayPal account and it failed, I tried three times to pay with my PayPal account and each time it failed, I tried to pay with a Guest PayPal account two times, and it failed, I tried to pay with a different credit card and it failed. Clearly this is not a Real Valid Company, despite the appearances it is. As I regularly make purchases through the Internet on the first try, the only logical conclusion is that this is not a real company, but a fake one which is collecting information for fraud. I see no other reasonable conclusion for this, as I make many hundreds of purchases a year and never come even vaguely close to giving so much information yet not being able to succeed in a purchase. I am reporting this far and wide. I am reporting it to each credit card I used, to PayPal, to the USA government, and everywhere else I can think to report. Took my information required to make charges against my accounts

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  1. Phil
    April 3, 2021

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