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I Got Scammed for $7500 by Fredrick James Accounting. | Check this out. I had a few years of missing tax returns, and I found Fredrick James Accounting while doing a local Google search for tax resolution. I called them and talked to Fred Daus, the owner. He’s is a slick talker for sure. Fred said that he could help me. I’m a single guy, I work from home with no employees. With a very simple return. Fred handed me over to Joe Dolan to handle my case. (who works in a back office). Joe told me that he spoke to Fred and that it would cost me $7500 to get everything done. Joe Dolan even confirmed twice to me that the $7500 would cover everything, A lot of money, but I wanted to get my problem solved. I paid them the $7500 in advance (Big Mistake) | I met with Joe for a few hours & talked over the phone a few times. He loved to tell long, detailed stories about his life. (I didn’t know I was being billed $238/hour to listen to his entertaining stories) Before I knew it, my $7500 was used up, while they weren’t even done with my 2016 tax return! | And I never got a completed tax return. I called them for an update, and their secretary told me they needed another $4500 to continue, and it was going to be $18,000 more + $6k to $8k in additional fees. (Not the $7500 that they originally quoted) | That my friends would be a total of $32,000 to $34,000 if you do the math, just to do a few years of tax returns. I told them no, and because they didn’t complete any returns, I asked for a refund of the $7500. They refused, explaining because they are professionals, they deserve a professional income. | To add insult to injury, Fred sent me a text saying they were done doing business with me, and I would be getting a final bill for +$2,300 on top of my $7500. and to “Have A Nice Day:)” So, I got Nothing for my $7500 but an invoice! Since then I fired them and had to hire another firm, who looked at their invoices and told me that I was being taken advantage of big time. They gave me a set rate of $4,500 for everything (Not $34,000). I told my Mother what they did, and she got sick to her stomach.

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