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We are wholesalers of jewelry. Everything we ship fits in very small boxes so we usually use only UPS and USPS. The ONLY item we ship using a freight company is one large display that UPS always break into pieces so we decided to pay more and ship it freight. We always ship just this specific display with the same exact measurements and shipped it many time times before using Freight Center so looking at all our past shipment with them, the same exact shipment, in the same class and the same measurements as in this time we shipped with them. We received a quote for $250 and shipped the item. After a month we received an extra charge of approximately $250 saying that the item was more than double the weight we gave. Obviously there was a mistake done and we tried to contact our Rep that was unprofessional. He said he submitted a claim in our name but we didn’t hear back from him and he didn’t answer our calls. Only when we received a reminder about our “open balance” from Kim and I called her, she was the first professional and knowledgeable person in the company to actually be nice enough to try to help us solve this issue. She said that no claim was submitted (like our rep claimed) and she helped us submit a claim. Unfortunately, even after talking to her, we still didn’t get an update or even a response and found out they charged our card without our permission. Today, 5 month later, we still didn’t hear anything back about our claim. They fraudulently charged us $250 and we have no way to talk to anyone the dispute this charge. We have been trying to solve this issue from November 2018, as we believed it was a human mistake that could be easily resolved and corrected and we have all the document supporting our claim along with all our past shipment, showing we only use them to ship one kind of shipment. We also suggested to go back to where they shipped the item to and weigh the display if they don’t believe us or our documentation. We are not asking to get anything but resolving this injustice situation that is so easy to prove wrong.

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  1. Carmon Wisner
    June 15, 2020
  2. Samuel Mair
    June 15, 2020

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