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I have put some thought into this over the weekend and here is what I can do. | I will round up the 17k previously offered to a flat 20k. If I could pay you more I would but that is the max that I can personally afford with the cancelled tour, ect. Moreover, I have signed a deal to do Metal All Stars shows in Asia this fall and would like to hire you and your crew to work on that tour. I expect that your understandably going to be reluctant to agree to this but I would be willing to pay you an advance before you started any work on it to give you some security. I do have a lot of respect for your work and want you to be involved from the ground up to ensure things are done the right way from the get go. | Let me know what you think. | First of all, I want to apologize for my abruptness on the telephone but as you can imagine there is a lot of stress involved with the cancellation of a tour and the expenses associated with it. | I have reviewed your demands and here is what I can realistically do: | 1. I know that you paid 500 for the carnate and you attached a the $840 invoice for the credentials = $1340 expenses which I am fine with paying.

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