Gail Impemba

Gail Impemba Review

I have been a patient at this office Palm Beach Primary Care for several years and was apalled by the rude behavior of Ms. Impemba a worker in billing. She is rude and hateful and she pounced on the sweet girl who works in the front when I said I did not have the money to pay, but would pay next week as I had accidentally changed wallets and left my check book at home. I am not a new patient and she should have known better. | The girl in the front seemed afraid of her, as I have seen this woman Gail in the past but never mentioned anything to my doctor. Once when I was seated in the exam room which is close to where she sits, she turned to the side and told another worker “can you believe what is going on with this patient?” The other worker looked at her and Gail Impemba started to read the entire medical notes to the worker and started laughing and joking about the disease that the patient had. I was shocked. She did not stop at one patient but did this with several patients, and at one time disgustingly said “Yuck” how can they get this sort of dirty disease. | I wanted to report her but it seemed like she walks around as if she owns the place like she is the manager, so I did not want to say anything. Once she got very irritated on the phone and started to scream, and then some other girl closed the door but I could still hear her shrill voice from behind the closed door, and after the phone call she started to talk about it in the hallway to someone else. She does not know about confidentiality and one of these days she will be sued. | Ms. Impemba seems like a hateful beady eyed woman, meddling into other people’s business especially patients and laughing behind their backs. I hope the management in this office realizes what she does, but I am sure she does this behind their back.

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