Galdina Rico Las Vegas Arrest Warrant

Galdina Rico Las Vegas Arrest Warrant Review

Galdina Rico aka Galndina Solorzano , Las Vegas, Nevada works for Las Vegas doctors, and has a major felony arrest warrant outstanding as I write this post for defrauding her employer of over $100,000. The District Attorney pursued Galdina Rico , Las Vegas , and obtained the arrest warrant on July 30, 2018, but the suspect has been hiding while working for other doctors. | Just a couple of weeks ago Galdina Rico started working for Las Vegas doctor, Lance Mayor, 2121 E. Flamingo 202, while she had a warrant for her arrest. | Dr. Lance Mayor appears to not have conducted a background check before hiring Galdina Rico since he apparently failed to notice she was wanted by the police! See arrest warrant attached here or see Las Vegas Justice Court Case No. 18F08582X. | Las Vegas felon Galdina Rico has full access to medical files, billing records, social security numbers, prescription pads and the list goes on. | Galdina Rico continues to have an active criminal warrant. I really hope this post brings to the forefront that background checks need to be conducted to prevent identity theft and fraud.

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