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I had taken my car into a repair shop for an oil change. | I was contacted by the shop telling me O’reilly auto parts truck was making a delivery and backed into my car as it was parked | in their lot. I would be given all their info and police report when i pickup my car. I got all info and called the third party company | O’reilly auto parts use to deal with insurance claims. This company was Gallagher Bassett. I was given a claim number and told an adjuster would be calling me. The claims adjuster came | out and wrote up the claim. I was then contacted by Ashlee Goslik from Gallagher Bassett saying they would send a check for the amount the adjuster said. I told her I do not want a check I want my car fixed back to the way it was before it was hit. She said this is the way they do it and have not had a problem in a snide tone. She said when you decide where to get it fixed and they have parts call to setup a rental it should only take a day or so. I then informed her my car was hit in a lot and I was not even there so I want my car fixed and a rental and it will cost what it cost and I would have a rental as long as it is in the shop I have no fault in this. She then informs me this was an accident as if because the O’rilley driver did not do it on purpose they are doing me a favor even fixing it. I went on my own to get some estimates just so I have an idea what I am looking at. They were both over what the check they were sending was going to be. The place I chose said bring the check and they would deal with the adjustor as they may have even more damage under the bumper. | Two weeks later all the parts are in the Repair shop said they had to call and call call Gallagher Bassett to get copy of appraisal as they wanted to be proactive and not have to wait for it to come in mail. I also check with enterprise as they work with the repair shop on setting up cars. They had been calling for days to setup car as all parts are in and I am scheduled to drop off car monday after work . I finally get ahold of a Pat with Gallagher and she was very helpful and setup car for me. I dropped off my car monday after work and pickup rental car. I get a call Tuesday morning again from Ashlee telling me they did not start on my car until tuesday so they will not pay for my rental from Monday evening through tuesday morning. I again told her I can not take off work to drop off my car. I work long hours and leave very early and just get off in time to drop off, Why should I have to be put out when I have no fault in this. | Again she says in her snide way “that is why it is called an accident.” I am taking from This that Gallagher Bassett does not feel they need to pay unless their client calls in and fills out an I did this on purpose report. I did not even know those report exist. But according to her If it is an accident you are fortunate they even deal with you. This was the point I had it. I said I am over this S—. I admit not profession on my part but a person can only be treated so bad so long for no reason and I was there. She then said you cussed at me this call is over and hung up on me. I decided at this time it was time to call O’reilly auto parts as this company is not worth my time and effort to deal with. As I am doing this I get a call from Enterprise saying Ashlee with Gallagher basset had sent over paperwork that my rental is over and I need to return to call today as my car is done. | I had not even heard from church brothers so I call and ask if anyone informed Gallagher my car was done and they said absolutely not it would be thursday at the earliest they still have more damage behind bumper. This was her unprofessional way to show her so called Power to put me in my place. I did get ahold of O’rilley executives and they got the car rental taken care of for now. I have also looked up this company have discovered I am not the only one that has pro lems dealing with this company they have a negative rate It is really sad when you cant just have something fixed the way it was have a rental car and get your car back without all the hassle and activation I would not even give one star this company needs negative starsThe employee that hit my car was fired for multiple insurance accident clamis and had a medical condition when his leg went numb and could not feel petals on vehicles. You would think they would want to happily get my car fixed and back to me as this person should not even be driving at all. Not so it is more fun for them to make it a hasstle , inconvienence and stressful experience for me

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