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I have been writing this letter to you, over the past few months, in my mind. Now I am going to put it down on paper and send it to you. | First, the subject car you sold me is nothing more then a selection of junk yard parts that were collected from other A body MOPARS and assembled on a 1967 Dart GT frame. The car was misrepresented by you and Mr. Ferguson (title owner). There is so much wrong with this car that I don’t know where to start, maybe at the beginning would be the best place. | As I told you in my telephone call, there was no “over-drive unit” in the car, as YOUR dealer description noted. The glove box is also missing. A critical chrome piece that is unique to convertibles, is missing. Oh, aren’t pictures just great! They can hide or obscure so many things. | And guess what! When I got the vehicle on a lift, there were the blown rear shock absorbers and the leaf springs so fatigued that they could not hold the vehicle in a correct manner when making turns. | So, new shocks have cost me $100.00. And new springs with all of the mounting gear/hardware has been around $450.00! | Oh, and about those NEW tires, they would be great if they were only the right size. The right sized tires just cost me $450.00. That way the sides would not rub on the inside of the rear fender wells. And talking about fender wells…where are the front fender well braces? | Why are the heater hoses plugged on the engine block? Is there something wrong with the heater core? | Yes, I’ll agree the “chrome bumpers look great”, especially the rear one because it belongs on a 1969 A Body MOPAR not this 1967. Oh, and did you know that I’ll be spending an additional $500-$700 for a correct rear bumper? Of course you did, you know what these old car parts cost. I do need rear back-up lights! | None of the front fenders are correct. And the trunk lid is wrong. What wreck did these builders get them from? There are NO “GT” badges on the front grill, fenders nor on the trunk. As a matter of fact, the Trunk molding is missing. The fact is, that there are NO holes in the body/panels for the “GT” medallions to fit into! | And the brakes, yikes!!!!!!! | I love one of your comments that you made in a message to me; “This one is exceptionally clean and freshly restored including a new crate motor.”. | FRESHLY: “Revived or reinvigorated”. | RESTORED: “To bring back to an original or normal condition”. | Well, none of that was done, except the crate motor! | Today! A new day, I rolled down the passenger window and it fell out of it’s track! Well, I was going to change all of the locks anyway, because they don’t work. So I’ll fix the glass problem when I take off the door panels. | Well, I’ve grown tired of identifying and explaining all of the problems associated with this “1967 Dodge Dart GT Convertible”, so I am going to just list everything wrong, damaged or MISSING;

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  1. Roxana Berndt
    June 17, 2020
  2. Kirstin Torgersen
    June 17, 2020

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