Giant Eagle Pharmacy

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Review

Had worked for Giant Eagle Pharmacy for 26 years,one day out of nowhere was called up into the office and fired, well actually told that I could resign!had no idea this was coming. I had been an above average employee all along. have no idea where this is coming from. try to sign up for unemployment and they fought me on it and Won!!I was told by my lawyer that Pennsylvania is an at will state and they can fire you for any reason at any time if you don’t have a union, which none of the pharmacies in Pennsylvania do. so here I was at 60 years old with no job, no unemployment, and they even refused to give me my vacation that I actually bought into and was paying for every week. I had over $300 in there and they told me that if I don’t take it I lose it. I said how can I take a vacation when you just fired me.! ????she said I’m very sorry that’s unfortunate and that was the end of just upsets me that they are involved in so many charitable things in the community and yet treat their employees like garbage thank you for listening

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