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I admit that might late discovery of this on my credit report is partially my fault as I have not been paying as close attention to my credit as I should have been, but as a 24 hour caregiver to someone in hospice I was a little pre-occupied with more important matters. Be that as it may, now that I have time to try to get back to a normal life I was checking my credit report and saw a Ginny’s Inc. account on the report for a credit card I never opened. I looked up the compny name in Google and saw this site as having a negative report about fraud and called the phone number on the previous report as the only number online said “We are closed for the day, please call back M-F 8am-4pm Central time.” I thought those were odd business hours and also thought it strange that there is no mention of a businees name in the closed message. So I called the number listed above and eventually spoke to a young lady who said they never ran a credit check under my name and/or zip code, or previous zip code, and that her/their company was just Ginny’s, no INC. She did verify that the address for Ginny’s Inc was the same as Ginny’s, but denied the (608)328-8400 as being their phone number. I advised that her company might want to do their own investigation as it appeared to me that we might both be victims of fraud and response was simply that since the account in question was closed and they had no records of it I needed to try other avenues to resolve my problem. Why would someone simply blow off the possibility that their companies good name and reputation might be getting used to commit fraud? Very strange and very UNHELPFUL!!!!

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  1. Cherlyn Weiand
    June 16, 2020

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