Global Energy Group

Global Energy Group Review

I contractually agreed to work with Victor Tsatskin who had established a company called Global Energy Group. I made a strong enquiry with him to ensure it was a real company and not in the grey area. He offered me 30% of the company if I invested. I countered and said I would not invest, however I was ready to build the company for 5% override of sales, 15% of net profits and 10% of oil revenues which was the product of the company. I was paid properly for the first four months. I was due to be paid USD 430K in the fourth week of January 2008. He refused to pay me USD $ 100K for override and USD 300K for net profits which he had promised since Nov 2007. From that time forward the only source of income I received was for sales I made. I finally quit and went to the police to report Vadim Tsatskin as he was trying to force me to lie to clients and I refused. For the official record, I was never charged with fraud and I ended up bankrupt as a result of this group at age 57.

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