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Global Resale Center Review

Global Resale Center and Blueprint Automotive are owned by Rashard Davis. He and his friend Timothy Newkirk are con artists and scammers. My friend was conned into buying a van from here for commercial purposes. He was talked off by Timothy stating that the vehicle was in great condition and would fit the needs for his business. After my friend put down $1,500 he was told he could pick up the vehicle after it went through inspection. He wasn’t able to get the vehicle for at least a week later. When he was finally contacted to pick up the van, the brake light was still on and the back seats were still removed. He contacted Timothy and he told him he would fix it and to bring it to the shop. | The next day, when we went to bring the van back the check engine light came on. As we were driving, it cut out on us in the middle of a busy highway. We almost got hit by oncoming traffic. We brought the van back immediately and were told the mechanics weren’t in and to try coming back later. A few days later, we finally got ahold of the mechanics and they said they would fix the car. We brought it in and about an hour later they said it was fixed. So we pick it up and again the check engine light came on…..which tells us they just kept resetting it to get it to go off. Overall, we had to bring the car back a total of 10xs all while in the process of keep getting the run around by Timothy and Rashard. They sent us to a couple different shops and the final shop told us it was the throttle body unit and it was an electrical issue. He stated he didn’t work on electrical and couldn’t fix it. When we notified Timothy and Rashard about the issue, they told us it wasn’t their problem and we would have to pay to have it fixed. Finally, we just brought the car back and requested our money back. Rashard said that Timothy6 pocketed the down paymwent and never gave it to him and to get it from him. Timothy told us he gave it to Rashard. We got the run around for weeks. Their office manager Jackie was giving us the run around as well saying they never received our down payment. We brought her our receipt and she said there was nothing she could do. Then we were told we aren’t getting anything and to sue them. We had to go to Erie County Small Claims and file a lawsuit against Rashard, Timothy, and the business. Neither individuals attended the hearing nor did they retain an attorney. We won in court by default. They had until the 29th of July to pay the judgement. | We kept calling about the money and were still getting the run around again. The first time we called, they ended up changing their phone number the next day. When we went there to collect, we were told the owner hasn’t been there in 2 weeks. Now when we call, they ignore the phone calls and let it go to fax. These people are con artists and both have criminal records from what we found online. I would not trust buying a vehicle from here. They go to the auction and sell you a car at a premium price that isn’t even worth it. You can find better cars at the junk yard. I would stay away from this business at all costs unless you want to have to go through the same process. | They are now being reported to the DMV for failure to pay and I have to go and file a transcript of judgment. At this point, I am in the process of an asset retention search to file liens on their property. I will be filling a formal request with the Sheriff’s department to seize their property and put it up for auction to cover the costs of the lawsuit. These people have absolutely no morals and values. I repeat, unless you want to go through a hassle of being sold a lemon and being told to go to court to get your money, DO NOT go here. Timothy also just opened a non-profit in January called GYC Ministries. Do not donate to this company as he is a thief. He stole the down payment and never gave it to Rashard. He will steal your donations.

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