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Global Tel Link Review

GTl is ridiculous. They charge a huge amount to talk to a loved one in jail. Every time I put money on the account they take a few dollars. Each call is charged a ridicuous amount and also seems to change price for each call made. I have had dropped calls for no reason right at the beginning of the call and have been charged for the call the full amount. Have had conncection horrible and again charged the full amount even if I couldnt hear my loved one. I have contacted them and given the run around. I am broke from just tying to communicate with my husband in jail. It is unfair what they charge and also how they take more and more each time. how you get charged for calls that dont even last the full tiem and calls where the connection is horrible. Also there customer service is horrible. they dont anser your questions and give you the run around. This needs to stop. It is unfir that a loved one or family mmeber has to go brok just to be able to communicate with someone in jail This company is getting rich by taking advantage of people.

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