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I heard the ads on tv and the radio for “Home Storage IRA’s” and called GoldSilver Group. The process of opening the account went well. They use a company called Madison Trust for the paperwork and Madison Trust did a good job for me. I would recommend Madison Trust for the IRA set up. However, when it came time to buy my gold and silver I was grossly overcharged for the metal by GoldSilver Group…over a 40% mark up! I am a disabled person who was forced out of my job and the only monies I have to keep me going are my retirement funds. DO NOT USE GOLD SILVER GROUP!! Rick Dougherty and GoldSilver Group took nearly half of my retirement money for their commissions! Gold will have to hit $2000 or more per ounce before I break even! Meanwhile my money is gone. When i called Rick Dougherty and his son Joe about how they ripped me off, they didn’t want to talk to me. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I am now forced to contact the CA state attorney to engage in a legal battle for my money. When I looked up these people at Gold Silver Group I found out that the sales people there (Rick and others) were from Merit and/or Goldline. Both of those company’s had the same problems and Merit was actually shut down for this type of business practice, Goldline was fined millions of dollars… Guess the apples don’t fall too far from the tree..especially the rotten ones. DO NOT CALL OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GROUP!! STAY AWAY! | PS–has anybody else had similiar issues?

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  1. Tien Brar
    June 16, 2020
  2. Rona Loggains
    June 16, 2020

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