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Worst experience and patient care ever. I’d been visiting this clinic for a while and my last visit was for replacing my ortho retainer. The doctor just cemented it regardless the calculus on my teeth and u asked for a dental cleaning however he said there was no time for that in that day and he cemented it anyway. Few days later the retainer came off and I contacted the office and they offered to fix it in another clinic since I’m not in chicago anymore and send them a copy if the receipt. Then when I asked for a letter with that statement to be emailed to me they changed their mind and told me they would only refund. This was misleading and neglecting. They didn’t respond to my email right away when the problem happened. They changed their promises and put me in a bad situation with my new dentist, and on risk of teeth replace with ignorance and arrogant. The doctor just blamed me that the problem happened because of my “poor” oral hygiene, I think he forgot that I’m a dentist. To wrap it off; find another clinic and be careful do NOT trust this place at all. and only after posting this super honest review, he changed the way of communication, which was arrogant, in order to let me remove my reviews So he tried to bargain me in order to give me my right after his mistake in my dental care, in order to delete my review which is my total right, and also to restrict other people “associated with me” from writing their own opinion based on their personal experience

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